Kingdom Of The Wicked Book Review

Delving into the realms of fantasy fiction often promises a journey both thrilling and perilous, yet few tales capture the essence of this promise quite like “Kingdom of the Wicked.” With my extensive background in exploring and reviewing countless works within the genre, I have unearthed stories that enthrall us and those that falter.

Penned by bestselling author Kerri Maniscalco, renowned for her mastery in weaving suspense with supernatural elements, this novel invites readers to unravel a tapestry rich with magic and mystery.

At its heart lies a story interlaced with themes as old as time—revenge, love, family bonds, and an epic clash between good and evil. Yet what sets “Kingdom of the Wicked” apart is not just its bewitching setting in a Sicilian backdrop or its fierce twin protagonists but its ability to ensnare our imaginations from start to finish.

Keep reading; you may find yourself enchanted by sorcery and spellbound by witchcraft more than ever before.

Plot Overview

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In “Kingdom of the Wicked,” we are introduced to two twin sisters, Emilia and Vittoria, who possess magical powers in their small Sicilian village. They were raised with the understanding that they must remain hidden from the malicious forces that hunt down those with supernatural abilities. However, when Vittoria is brutally murdered, Emilia makes it her mission to seek revenge and uncover the truth behind her sister’s death.

As an expert on fantasy novels, I can assure you that “Kingdom of the Wicked” is a thrilling and captivating tale filled with dark magic, epic adventures, and a compelling exploration of good versus evil. The enchanting setting of a Sicilian restaurant adds an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to this blockbuster series.

If you’re looking for a gripping plot filled with intriguing characters and supernatural powers, then “Kingdom of the Wicked” is definitely worth diving into. So buckle up as we delve into this spellbinding world of sorcery and witchcraft.

Two twin sisters, Emilia and Vittoria, with magical powers

Emilia and Vittoria are no ordinary sisters; they’re twins blessed with supernatural powers, a secret they’ve learned to guard closely. Their lives revolve around their Sicilian restaurant by day, but by night, the sisters delve into a world of sorcery and witchcraft.

The magical bond between them is strong and essential for their safety since dark magic lurks around every corner, threatening to disrupt the balance of good vs evil.

Tragedy strikes when Vittoria is murdered, pulling Emilia into an epic adventure driven by vengeance. She sets out on a thrilling quest filled with mystery and intrigue to find the killer and serve justice using her own potent magical abilities.

This path not only tests her power but also leads her into unexpected romance where enemies might turn into lovers as she confronts enemiestolovers tropes that challenge both her heart and wit.

Taught to stay hidden from malicious forces

Trained in secrecy to evade evil forces, Emilia and Vittoria concealed their magical abilities. They lived in constant vigilance, aware of the perilous threats attracted by their powers.

With an upbringing focused on stealth and discretion, they honed their skills to remain undetected from malevolent adversaries that sought to exploit their gifts for nefarious purposes.

This covert lifestyle prepared them for the inevitable confrontation with dark forces looming on the horizon.

Amid this guerrilla existence, both sisters developed a deep understanding of caution and subterfuge as critical tools for survival. Their training instilled a sense of resilience against imminent dangers lurking in every shadow.

Themes Explored:

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Revenge, war, family, and love are deeply explored in Kingdom Of The Wicked, adding layers of complexity to the thrilling plot. These themes drive the characters’ motivations and actions throughout the book.


Motivated by a deep desire for retribution, the theme of revenge is intricately woven throughout the narrative. The characters’ unyielding pursuit of vengeance drives the plot forward, creating an intense and suspenseful atmosphere.

With each twist and turn, the thirst for payback fuels their actions, leading to unexpected consequences that keep readers on the edge of their seats. As secrets unravel and betrayals come to light, the theme of revenge takes center stage, showcasing the lengths individuals are willing to go to seek justice for past wrongs.

The relentless pursuit of revenge adds layers of complexity to the character dynamics while highlighting the moral dilemmas they face along this perilous journey. Themes such as loyalty and sacrifice are further accentuated against a backdrop of simmering vendettas, offering a compelling exploration of human nature’s darker impulses amidst a thrilling and fast-paced plot.


War serves as a central theme in “Kingdom of the Wicked,” driving the narrative and impacting the characters’ choices. The conflict between different magical factions fuels tension and propels the story forward, adding layers of complexity to the plot.

As Emilia and Vittoria navigate their magical powers, they are confronted with the harsh realities of war, forcing them to make difficult decisions that shape their journey. The portrayal of war in the novel brings forth themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and resilience, captivating readers with its intense and immersive storytelling.

In “Kingdom of the Wicked,” war is not just a backdrop but an integral element that influences every aspect of the narrative. The vivid depiction of battle scenes and strategic maneuvers creates a sense of urgency and suspense throughout the book, keeping readers on edge as they follow the characters’ harrowing experiences amidst chaos and turmoil.


After navigating the treacherous landscape of war and revenge, the theme of family emerges as a central force in “Kingdom of the Wicked.” Emilia and Vittoria’s unwavering bond showcases the power of kinship amidst chaos.

The sisters’ loyalty to one another highlights familial love as a source of strength, even in the face of dark magic and danger. Their dedication to protecting each other resonates with readers, adding depth and emotional resonance to this thrilling tale.

Moreover, the exploration of family extends beyond blood ties, encompassing themes of loyalty and betrayal within their coven. The intricate web of relationships within their magical community underscores the complexities inherent in family dynamics, shedding light on trust, sacrifice, and resilience amid adversity.


Despite the backdrop of betrayal and vengeance, “Kingdom of the Wicked” subtly weaves themes of love throughout the story. Emilia’s fierce determination to seek justice for her sister reflects a deep sisterly bond that drives the narrative forward.

The characters’ unwavering loyalty and sacrifice for each other emphasize familial love, adding emotional depth to the fast-paced plot.

Amidst magical battles and political intrigue, romantic undertones are skillfully integrated into the story. As forbidden romance blooms between Emilia and Wrath, it adds an element of passion amidst the darkness.

Positive Aspects

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The book has a fast-paced and gripping plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, with strong and complex characters to keep them engaged – find out more by diving into the thrilling world of Kingdom Of The Wicked!

Fast-paced and gripping plot

From the first pages, Kingdom of the Wicked grabs readers with its fast-paced and gripping plot. The story unfolds at a breakneck speed, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as Emilia and Vittoria navigate their dangerous world.

Twists and turns abound, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment.

Emilia’s journey to uncover her sister’s murderer takes unexpected and thrilling turns, drawing readers deeper into this dark and enthralling tale. As secrets are revealed and alliances are tested, the pace never lets up, making this a truly absorbing read for fans of fantasy and mystery alike.

Strong and complex characters

The characters in Kingdom of the Wicked are compelling and multifaceted, adding depth to the narrative. Emilia and Vittoria, the twin sisters with magical powers, are depicted as strong, independent women who navigate a complex web of emotions while facing external threats.

Their contrasting personalities create an intriguing dynamic that drives the story forward. Through their actions and choices, readers witness their inner strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Readers will also find themselves drawn to secondary characters such as Wrath, a brooding yet enigmatic figure whose mysterious nature adds an air of suspense to the plot. Additionally, the author skillfully portrays familial relationships that are rife with tension, loyalty, and betrayal.

Negative Aspects:

Flirting with cliched tropes and lack of originality may detract from the overall reading experience, but Kingdom of the Wicked still offers an engaging and thrilling story that will keep readers hooked until the very end.

If you want to learn more about this dark and magical tale, keep on reading!

Flirting with cliched tropes

The book occasionally relies heavily on cliched tropes, which can make the plot predictable at times. Some characters and storylines seem to follow well-worn paths, lacking the freshness that would elevate them beyond traditional fantasy archetypes.

Readers might find themselves hoping for more innovative twists and surprises instead of encountering familiar themes and scenarios. This tendency to dip into overused tropes can detract from the overall originality of the narrative, potentially impacting its ability to leave a lasting impression.

Lack of originality

The book lacks originality in its storyline, relying heavily on familiar fantasy tropes and clichés. It fails to break new ground or offer a fresh perspective, resulting in a predictable and formulaic narrative that may leave readers wanting more innovation and creativity.

Despite its engaging plot and compelling characters, the book’s unoriginal elements may detract from the overall reading experience, particularly for those seeking unique and inventive storytelling.

Without a fresh take on familiar themes, Kingdom of the Wicked struggles to distinguish itself from other works in the genre.


In conclusion, “Kingdom of the Wicked” offers a thrilling and fast-paced story that keeps readers engaged. The complex characters and exploration of themes like revenge and love add depth to the narrative.

However, the book flirts with cliched tropes and lacks originality in some aspects.

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