It Starts With Us Book Review

Domestic abuse casts a long, dark shadow on the lives it touches, often leaving wounds that are felt for years to come. Breaking free from its grip is a journey that many find daunting, but in her powerful sequel “It Starts With Us,” Colleen Hoover boldly navigates this tender terrain.

Drawing from her profound experience as a bestselling author of emotionally charged novels, Hoover offers readers a beacon of hope—a narrative that not only delves into the complexities of escaping abuse but also explores the resurgence of love and trust.

With accolades pouring in and an eager fanbase affirming its resonance, “It Starts With Us” stands apart as more than just another contemporary romance—it’s a lifeline thrown to those gasping for breath in tumultuous waters.

This book review promises to unpack what makes Hoover’s novel an unflinching guide back to self-worth and affectionate bonds. Discover why this story isn’t just about turning pages; it’s about turning lives around.

Read on; healing begins here.

About the Book and Author

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“It Starts With Us” is a bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover that explores themes of love, trust, and forgiveness in the face of domestic abuse. The author, Colleen Hoover, is known for her emotionally impactful love stories that resonate with readers worldwide.

Overview of It Starts With Us

“It Starts With Us” picks up the entwined tales of Lily and Atlas, characters who first captured hearts in Colleen Hoover’s previous bestseller. The sequel plunges readers back into their complex world, where decisions are clouded by past domestic abuse and the quest for a hopeful future takes center stage.

The narrative sets off from the last whisper of “It Ends With Us,” revealing the intricate paths both must walk towards recovery, love, and trust.

Colleen Hoover masterfully weaves themes of courage and forgiveness throughout this heart-wrenching journey as Lily faces life as a single mother determined to carve out a brighter tomorrow.

Readers find themselves absorbed in her battle to choose love anew while grappling with shadows cast by violence—a testament to strength in fragility. As these characters’ stories unfurl over pages that promise second chances at romance, “It Starts With Us” affirms the power of generosity and self-choice against all odds.

About Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover, the New York Times bestselling author, is known for her emotionally gripping and heart-wrenching novels that delve into complex human emotions. With a focus on themes like love, trust, recovery, and healing, Hoover has gained a dedicated following of readers who are drawn to her poignant storytelling.

Her ability to tackle difficult and sensitive topics such as domestic abuse with empathy and authenticity sets her apart in the world of literature. Colleen Hoover’s writing style effortlessly captures the rawness of human relationships while delivering powerful messages of hope and resilience through her compelling narratives.

Her skillful portrayal of characters navigating through trauma and finding strength in vulnerability resonates deeply with readers worldwide. Through her captivating prose and thought-provoking storytelling, Colleen Hoover continues to inspire audiences with stories that explore the complexities of love and second chances at happiness amidst adversity.

With an insightful understanding of human emotions, she invites readers to embark on transformative journeys layered with relatable struggles and profound moments of growth, making her work both compelling and impactful.

Ratings and Reviews

After delving into Colleen Hoover’s background and the overview of “It Starts With Us,” let’s turn our attention to the ratings and reviews that speak to the novel’s impact and audience reception.


Source Rating Review Summary
Goodreads 4.5/5 Readers praise the emotional depth and realistic portrayal of starting over after domestic abuse.
Amazon 4.8/5 High marks for the gripping narrative and strong character development, especially the growth of Lily Bloom.
Barnes & Noble 4.6/5 Applauded for tackling tough themes with sensitivity, offering hope and healing to survivors of violence.
Booklist Starred Review A compelling sequel that captures readers’ hearts with its blend of romance and the journey of recovery.
Kirkus Reviews Positive Recognized for its rapid plot developments and the inspiring message of love and second chances.


Fans and critics alike herald “It Starts With Us” for its powerful continuation of Lily and Atlas’s story, portraying the complexities of their emotional journey after Lily’s escape from a turbulent marriage.

Plot and Themes

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The plot of “It Starts With Us” revolves around the story of domestic abuse and its impact on the main characters. Themes of love, trust, and forgiveness are intricately woven into the narrative, making it a heartwrenching read that explores complex emotions and relationships.

Story of domestic abuse

The novel delves deep into the harsh realities of domestic abuse, highlighting its impact on individuals and their loved ones. Through the perspectives of Lily and Atlas, readers are exposed to the traumatic aftermath of domestic violence as they navigate through healing, recovery, and starting anew.

The story sheds light on the complexities of escaping an abusive relationship and the emotional turmoil that follows such a harrowing experience. With themes of love, trust, and resilience at its core, “It Starts With Us” portrays a powerful narrative that resonates with readers in its raw depiction of domestic abuse.

As the plot unfolds, readers witness the struggles faced by Lily Bloom as she attempts to rebuild her life while grappling with past trauma. The poignant portrayal captures both the heart-wrenching moments and glimmers of hope as Lily strives to break free from cycles of abuse.

Ultimately, “It Starts With Us” offers a compelling exploration of strength amidst adversity and serves as an inspiring testament to empowerment in overcoming domestic violence.

Themes of love, trust, and forgiveness

As the heart-wrenching narrative unfolds, the themes of love, trust, and forgiveness are intricately woven into the fabric of the storyline. The characters grapple with deep emotional scars and painful pasts as they navigate their way towards healing and redemption.

Love emerges as a powerful force, fueling strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Readers witness acts of unwavering trust that pave the path for profound transformations within relationships.

Forgiveness becomes a beacon of hope, guiding the characters through turbulent waters towards inner peace and freedom from past traumas. The novel beautifully portrays how these themes intertwine to shape the characters’ journeys as they ultimately find solace in each other’s embrace despite their harrowing experiences.

Impact and Reception

It Starts With Us Book Review (1)

The emotional impact of “It Starts With Us” on readers has been profound, sparking conversations about love, trust, forgiveness, and the cycle of domestic abuse. Critical reception and reviews have praised Colleen Hoover’s nuanced portrayal of complex relationships and the raw emotions that accompany them.

Emotional impact on readers

The emotional impact of “It Starts With Us” on readers is profound and moving. The raw portrayal of domestic abuse, love, trust, and recovery resonates deeply with the audience. As readers follow Lily’s journey through healing and finding new love after trauma, they experience a rollercoaster of emotions – from heartache to hope.

The novel’s powerful themes and gripping storyline elicit empathy and reflection from readers, leaving a lasting impression that challenges them to reconsider their perspectives on relationships and resilience.

Moving forward to – Critical reception and reviews..

Critical reception and reviews

Following the emotional impact that readers experienced, the critical reception and reviews of “It Starts With Us” have been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a detailed look at how the book has been received:

  1. Readers and critics alike have praised Colleen Hoover for her sensitive and honest portrayal of domestic abuse, acknowledging the depth and authenticity with which she approached this challenging subject matter.
  2. The novel’s characters have been lauded for their complexity and depth, with many praising their relatability and the emotional connection they were able to establish with the audience.
  3. Critics have highlighted the compelling storytelling and suspenseful narrative that kept them engaged from start to finish, noting that it was difficult to put the book down once they started reading.
  4. The themes of love, trust, and recovery have resonated with readers, who have found solace in the message of hope and resilience conveyed through the story.
  5. The gripping and pulse-pounding storyline has been commended for its ability to evoke strong emotions in readers while also delivering important messages about healing and self-discovery.
  6. Colleen Hoover’s skillful prose and ability to address difficult topics with sensitivity have been recognized as major strengths of the novel, earning praise for her writing style and storytelling prowess.
  7. Overall, “It Starts With Us” has garnered widespread acclaim for its powerful storytelling, memorable characters, and profound exploration of love, trauma, and second chances.


In conclusion, “It Starts With Us” delves into the aftermath of domestic violence through the perspective of Lily Bloom. The themes of love, trust, and recovery are interwoven in a gripping narrative that has resonated with readers.

Colleen Hoover’s skillful storytelling has left a lasting emotional impact on many, making it a compelling read about resilience and second chances. The book not only tackles difficult subjects but also offers hope and inspiration for those seeking to rebuild their lives after trauma.

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