Cheaper By The Dozen Book Review

The magic of a large family life woven into pages can turn reading into an adventure larger than life itself. “Cheaper By The Dozen” isn’t just your ordinary tale of siblings and parenting; it’s a memoir that dances through the chaos and harmony of growing up with eleven other brothers and sisters, all under one roof managed by parents who are as unconventional as they are loving.

As an avid reader with a penchant for diving deep into stories about familial bonds, I bring years of experience in exploring literature that captures the essence of homegrown humor and heartfelt lessons.

This book takes us back to Montclair, New Jersey, where the Gilbreth clan spins everyday routine into extraordinary anecdotes – ones that promise not only bursts of laughter but also warm tugs at your heartstrings.

It offers more than mere entertainment; it is a slice-of-life portrayal rich in values every family can relate to, no matter their size. Ready? Let’s dive right into this charmingly chaotic world – you might just find yourself part of the Gilbreth family before you turn the last page!

About the Book

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Written by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, Cheaper By The Dozen is a heartwarming memoir about their family with 12 children, filled with hilarious tales of growing up in an oversized family and their father’s theories on efficiency.

Written by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey crafted “Cheaper By The Dozen,” drawing from their own rich childhood experiences. They take readers on a journey through the zany antics of growing up in a large family headed by an efficiency expert father, Frank Gilbreth.

Narrating tales from their Montclair, New Jersey home, they infuse each chapter with humor that resonates across generations.

The duo’s storytelling brings to life the vibrant personality of their father—a man of wit and sarcasm—and showcases the cohesive bond among the twelve siblings. Through engaging anecdotes and heartfelt moments, they paint a vivid picture of family dynamics shaped under unique circumstances, capturing both hilarity and heartwarming instances within their bustling household.

Memoir about their family with 12 children

The memoir about their family with 12 children provides a heartwarming and entertaining glimpse into the lively dynamics of growing up in a large household. The book, “Cheaper By The Dozen,” captures the unique experiences and challenges faced by twelve siblings, offering charmingly funny anecdotes from their childhood while highlighting the love and humor that bound them together.

Written for readers aged 10 and above, this beloved classic resonates with its portrayal of family life and the enduring appeal of its heartwarming story.

Filled with endearing portrayals of family life and dynamic storytelling, “Cheaper By The Dozen” has continued to captivate audiences for generations as it offers an insightful look into navigating parenting a dozen children while capturing the loving bond that ties them all together.

Plot Summary

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The book “Cheaper By The Dozen” is filled with hilarious and heartwarming tales of growing up in an oversized family, showcasing the father’s theories on efficiency and how it affects the family.

With charmingly funny anecdotes from their childhood, the Gilbreth children offer a unique perspective on family dynamics and the challenges of raising such a large family.

Hilarious and heartwarming tales of growing up in an oversized family

The book “Cheaper By The Dozen” offers readers an amusing and heartwarming portrayal of life in a large family, filled with charmingly funny anecdotes from the Gilbreth kids’ childhood.

It captures the love within the family and showcases their unique experiences of growing up with a dozen siblings in a bustling household. The memoir presents insightful and entertaining tales that resonate with readers for its endearing portrayal of family life, offering a sweet and heartwarming story about the dynamics of raising twelve children.

The stories recounted in “Cheaper By The Dozen” provide an engaging look at the challenges of living in an oversized family, highlighting both humor and love. It encompasses valuable lessons on teamwork, adaptability to changes, and the enduring strength found within familial bonds.

Father’s theories on efficiency and how it affects the family

Father’s theories on efficiency greatly influenced the Gilbreth family dynamics, shaping their everyday life. His innovative approach to time management and household organization instilled discipline and order among the twelve children.

With a focus on streamlining tasks, he created an environment where everyone had designated responsibilities, fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration within the family.

The impact of Father’s theories extended beyond mere household management; it also imparted valuable lessons on adaptability and resourcefulness to his children. By optimizing daily routines and setting high standards for productivity, he taught them essential skills that would serve them well in their future endeavors.


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The book Cheaper By The Dozen provides valuable lessons on family, teamwork, and love as the Gilbreth family adapts to changes and challenges with humor and resilience.

Lessons on family, teamwork, and love

The memoir provides valuable lessons on family, teamwork, and love as it portrays the Gilbreth family’s unity in facing everyday challenges. The heartwarming anecdotes shed light on the importance of mutual support and understanding within a large family.

As the children navigate their father’s efficiency theories, readers witness how they come together to adapt and thrive in their unique family dynamic.

Readers gain insights into the genuine love and camaraderie shared among the twelve siblings through laughter-filled experiences and poignant moments. The book underscores how familial bonds and cooperation contribute to overcoming obstacles, fostering a message of resilience and togetherness that resonates with audiences across generations.

Adapting to changes and challenges

In the face of numerous challenges, such as managing a family with twelve children and experimenting with their father’s efficiency theories, the Gilbreth kids displayed remarkable adaptability.

Despite the chaos and occasional disagreements in their household, they learned to adjust to new situations and embrace changes as a team. Their ability to handle adversity while maintaining love and unity serves as an inspiration for readers of all ages.

The book’s portrayal of resilience and flexibility offers valuable lessons for navigating life’s inevitable twists and turns.

As the Gilbreth family encountered various obstacles, they demonstrated remarkable resilience by adapting to each new circumstance that came their way. Whether it was adjusting to their father’s unusual methods or overcoming personal struggles, they faced each challenge with determination and a positive attitude.


In conclusion, “Cheaper By The Dozen” by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey offers a heartwarming and humorous insight into the dynamics of a large family. The book’s charming anecdotes and witty portrayal of growing up with twelve siblings resonate with readers of all ages.

Its adaptability into a movie reflects the enduring popularity of its endearing portrayal of family life, making it a beloved classic for generations to come. With its timeless lessons on family, teamwork, and love, “Cheaper By The Dozen” continues to capture the hearts of readers around the world.

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